Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hedgehog Hunting!

So, hedgehogs run wild and free here in Lithuania. That is all but one hedgehog that we captured last night!

Emma and I decided to hedgehog hunt after we pet a hedgehog in the wild last week. We found out that they are pretty docile creatures and safe to pick up so we set out on a quest to capture one. We searched throughout the long grass in the nearby neighborhoods where we had initially found one. After 45minutes with no luck, we headed home. Then out of nowhere James appeared! He told us he had spotted one across the nearby school field. He grabbed a towel from us rolled under a fence and sprinted back with a hedgehog in his arms.

Emma and I had pre-named this hedgehog "Sonic." We only kept "Sonic" for two hours since some of the students were concerned that he might have babies. During the time Sonic became more relaxed and opened up out of his tight prickly ball and walked around. He became so comfortable with us that he even decided to snack on James' finger a few times.


Liz said...

Are you sure you can't bring one home?

Anonymous said...

Of course you named him "Sonic", is there any other name for a hedgehog?