Friday, July 16, 2010

The end of Week 2 in Lietuva

I can't believe I have less than 10 days left here!  

This week has been great. Last night I had  girl's sleep over with Emma (10) and Eva and Lana (twin 3yr olds). It was SO fun. We watched the Emperor's New Groove and ate popcorn and drank juice. We only had a few mishaps througout the night like juice spilling on the floor, and falling out of bed etc. I definitely have to hang out with kids more often at home! They definitely find joy in the much smaller details of life.

Tonight we had a talent show for the Summer Language Institute (SLI) students. I was blown away by the talent of these (mostly) high schoolers. We had piano, voice solos, guitar, ballet, modern dance, photography! Wow! 

Klaipeda is also currently having a Folk Festival. They have booths of traditional hand crafts and traditional dances and music. Today I watched a Bulgarian dance group complete with wooden clogs. I am hearing and seeing many accordians here! I love them. Now I have an interest in learning to play one. That with the fiddle could be quite a party.

I'm also quite smitten with a handmade brass ring I got at the folk festival so I'm including a picture of it. I just made a third album of Lietuva pictures...

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