Friday, July 23, 2010

The 20th Year of SLI Comes to a Close

All of the student checked out today and headed home. There were many hugs, pictures and tears. In a way, I feel like I have lived a whole year through the three week long Summer Language Insitute (SLI). I have seen students arrive, gotten to know them and now checked them out of the hall. Enough has happened in these three weeks for a full year of processing.

As the students were checking out, all of them said they had such an amazing time they wished they could stay. During the closing ceremony for the whole program- the residence life staff got a standing ovation. That is a moment I will hold near my heart, because I don't think I will ever see that in the states! Ruslan, from Russia, even said that he got to the point where he no longer said "let's go back to the dormitory" but instead said "let's go home."

Earlier this evening all of the SLI staff, including the teachers, spiritual life staff and student life staff (in all over 30 people) gathered for a final dinner. This year was SLI's 20th year of existence. In fact SLI, was the precursor to LCC university opening. At the dinner they had a teacher and a student attend from the very first SLI. The woman who had been a student told about her amazing experience, and with tears, told about her 16 year old son attending this year. She said her son told her he wished he could always be enrolled in a school like this.

I haven't even begun to truly process all I have learned here. But what stands out most are the relationships. I feel I have met families who will stand out in mind as leaders and rolemodels for years to come, even as I was asked to be a leader and role model for the students.

I will write more soon. Tonight I have a graduate class from 2am-5am and tomorrow from 5pm-12am. After that I fly to Edinburough on Sunday and Dublin on Monday.


Deb said...

I'm so glad you were able to have this experience. Your blog gave me a good picture of your life there.

I hope you didn't pack a little hedgehog in your suitcase. A man was caught somewhere in South America last week trying to smuggle 16 tiny monkeys out under his shirt. He said he did't think the suitcase would be safe for them.

Kaitlyn said...

AHAHAH!!! How could you ever think smuggling 16 monkeys in your shirt would work out?

Schmiss said...

Let me know how Dublin is! I'm thinking of going there for 8-10 days in March!