Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week one of classes: done.

I am really enjoying it here! Have I said that yet?

The students are really enthusiastic. Jake and I are getting spoiled by how easy it is to plan and throw an event and have great attendance. Here are the programs and attendance so far (for all of you in Res Life).

Trip to Beach: 50-60
Movie night: 30-40
Tea and Games: 50 students
Coffee Trip to Downtown: 15
Ultimate Frisbee: 20
Barbeque: 150
Trip to Palanga on Sunday: 40 signed up

It was really fun to play ultimate frisbee with the students because none of them have ever heard of the game or ever played it. I let them know that learning it now is a great way to prepare for a study abroad semester in the U.S. We definitely have some all-stars here who were made for the game.

Yesterday I noticed a girl in the crowd who had amazing fashion style, so I had to go up and talk to her. Turns out her entire outfit was vintage from her grandmother. She also loves thrifting, so we bonded instantly. (photo to come later). I must compliment Lithuania on their thrift stores; good job! They have tons of them and their prices are unbelievably low. They have 3 lita days- where everything is only 3 lita or one American dollar. Definitely got some deals there.

In other random news, I got to pet a wild hedgehog the other night. Apparently they live around these parts. I saw one in a yard the other night, so decided to take a chance and pet it. I then later found out, they are safe to capture- so I will be hedgehog hunting this coming week sometime. Also, an interesting fact about Lithuania is that amber is their national gemstone. This area of the world is where the majority of amber comes from. And you can find it on the beach as it washes up from the sea. So today on my 10 mile hike  we found tons of amber pieces along the beach! 

There is lots of other news but little space and time. There are "praise the Lords" so if you would like to hear those you can send me an email, since I don't want to publish information about students. Also, I am enjoying getting emails from you all so keep sending em!

Love, Kaitlyn

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having a great time! I can't wait to hear if you catch a hedgehog...i don't think they'd let you bring one home though. :) -chrissy