Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of peach paint

In an effort to feel what the weather is most often like in Savannah, I took a run. I now feel like I am in a cloud of humidity and 110 degree weather. This is only my second attempt at running since November. Whenver I am on vacation with my family we must go out running. For the majority of my family members this is an enjoyable experience. For me, it is a reminder that my appearance of athleticism is only that, appearance.

Yesterday has provided me with a bakers dozen of possible stories to tell. Currently I am without my co-conspirators to narrow down the choices.

We finally managed to do a truly relaxing thing on our vacation; go to the beach. When  I conjure up visions of vacation in my mind, they often involve a lot of reading and sitting in one place. I am what some people think of as a lazy traveler. To me what is most appealing is to enjoy absorbing my surroundings. I am fine going overseas for a week and staying in the same city. There is nothing more stressful than rushing about from place to place gather glimpses that won't sink in my memory. My memory is similar to a cup of tea, it needs to be steeped slowly in its surroundings.

Tybee Island is similar to all vacation beaches I have ever visited; dirty, dingy and drab. However (if anyone from Savannah is reading this post, hold on a moment), once you arrive at the ocean its unbelievably beautiful. I love the vast expanse of blue, the soft sand, breeze and sun glazing your skin (in my case searing it). I think it is the concept of limited choices of things to do on the beach is great! It makes me feel less guilty for spending the day reading. The only bit of dirt that marred the landscape was the disgusting 30 year old men who decided to set up shop right beside us and spend their time swearing loudly and bragging about throwing people through glass tables. In silent protest we moved our chairs down the beach.

Well, I am limited on time currently. So I will have to tell you about "Southern Nights" at the historic Savannah theater another time. I'm sure that all of you (1-2 people who may happen to read this) are disappointed. But more to come!

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Anonymous said...

No, not disappointed! Rather, we wait with baited breath! Once again, I laughed out loud (which is awkward since I'm in my stiffly silent office). I'm glad you write these because they help me imagine your trip better!
I am the same way as a traveler. I would rather just soak in my surroundings and do a few things and truly enjoy them, than to rush about on some touristic scavenger hunt that will never linger in my heart.
I shall wait with anticipation for your next post! :)