Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nancy (Deborah) Drew and the Case of the Missing Key

Traveling with our mom is always an adventure.
One of her more notorious traits is her penchant for losing keys. She goes through this routine at least 5 times a day. (Interjection, mom would like to note that she does not actually lose her keys, so that I should phrase it that she is "good at thinking she has lost her keys"). Tonight for example we had all piled out of the car to visit our cousin Anna. Mom had been driving. We came back to the car and found all of the car doors locked. Mom went quickly into fight or flight mode (this also happens when her cell phone rings). What this involves is 1) eyes dart open wildly 2) her body stiffens  3) hands shoot out and then she franticly pats all of her pockets and rehearses all of the places she might have used or had her keys in the past 24 hours. At this point Anne-Marie and myself once again admonish a potential set location that her keys should always be stored. We look forward to this happening again tomorrow.

We've decided to add "nervous" to the list of adjectives describing our current land lord.

Mom set on a pot of water for an evening cup of tea and left it unattended for about 30seconds to run to the bathroom. Instantly there was a rap on the door. "Brian" warned us that the fire department had visited the establishment in the past for such offenses. Apologies were exchanged.

What we were most curious about was what he was doing in our building which is unattached from the main house where he lives. An eerie feeling of "Big Brother" keeps us on our toes now. Mom has noted that "lurking" should be added to the list of adjectives.

I sign off until tomorrow's noteworthy occurrences.

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Every post is hilariously witty and captures the "joie de vivre" of your trip! Thank you for writing! :)