Friday, March 26, 2010

Heading North

Heading north means the vacation is ending. Each gas station we stop at proves that as we open the car door and realize that sandals are no longer proper attire.

Quick recap. We went to "Southern Nights" which is like a southern version of Glee. We were the youngest people there by at least 40 years. All of the other attendees arrived by tour buses and were led by group leaders carrying flags on tall poles. I was incredulous at first but actually loved it. Show choir is a secret love of mine.

We spent our last day in Savannah (Thursday) by walking around taking pictures of the houses to prove we had been there. Mom did overhear a conversation that the hostel may be closing. Anyone out there interested in buying it and hiring some Coopers to help run it and renovate it?

Today as we were leaving the hostel Anne-Marie and I were chatting about how it would be nice to get a picture of "Brian" to add to this blog. I was in the middle of suggesting that we might secretly get a paparazzi style picture of him when we heard "hello ladies!" There was Brian looking down at us from the top of the front steps. Creepy. He has a very eerie knack of always being around and showing up out of thin air. We hope he didn't hear what we were saying, but we DID happen to catch him in the background of one of our pictures which I will upload later.

I will be back in Des Moines on Sunday, so unless something unbelievable happens, I won't be writing any more travel blog. Upcoming entries will be back to my crafting. :)

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Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed your blog. What an inspiration! I may try to keep a log of my travels to England and Spain because you've inspired me! :)
You should post another post! Something about Des Moines or one of your beautiful creations, or something like that.