Monday, March 16, 2009

a meandering Monday

Maria and I decided to part ways. For the morning.
In fact this was quite alright, because I love exploring on my own. If you know me at all, you will find that I explore things at a slow pace. Take shopping for example. When I shop (which is a rare occasion unless thrifting), I must have the full potential of a piece of clothing develop in my mind before I'll buy it. Similar with exploring a new city. I like to taste the atmosphere, get a feel for the vibe of the crowds. 

So instead of taking Maria with me, I took Erik. In the form of a lovely soundtrack that is. I popped in my headphones, and set off for an amazing photo adventure to the tunes of Eriks songs (which he will never give me the names of! hint, hint!). I took the best London pictures I've taken so far. 

Wandered around the Tower of London and enjoyed the random samplings of people. I hate scenic photography. Give me people anyday. However I haven't quite gotten over the fear or blatantly shooting pictures of strangers. So I will often pick something "scenic" in the background and shoot the interesting passerbys in the foreground instead. Muahaha...

Well, I did get to take some purposeful portraits, because Maria agreed to be my subject matter at the end of the day. We met up and strolled around a park. After getting back to Wood Green we lounged away some time at a Sheesha Bar (similar to Hookah Bar) at I got to eat my fav dish: Tabouleh!!!  

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Erik said... took me along. Sweet!