Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rewind and Play

On Tuesday, I had my last day of savoring the sights of London.
I didn't have much of an agenda. I got up and went to Central London for coffee with Lizzy, another friend that I met in Peru. Lizzy is British and is studying at Uni in London. We had a nice chat about the differences between British and American universities. Lizzy explained to me that courses of study like Classics, History and Philosophy are well recognized as rigorous courses of study in Britain. Because of this, students with these majors can get jobs in various fields after graduation. I took mental note of this major difference from the US. If someone got a philosophy degree here, I'm sure they'd be looking for work.

Speaking with Lizzy and visiting Pauline on Brick Lane caused me to have a sharp pang of sadness, since I'm no longer in an artistic atmosphere. Being surrounded by people who think of life from different angles and perspectives, is truly refreshing. Its inspiring to be in that community, and is something I hope to get back to some day. I had that sort of community in the art program at Point...

Tuesday afternoon, I dashed back to Brick Lane and ended up on Petticoat Lane where they sell wholesale fabrics. It was an exciting find. Tuesday night was fairly low key, had some red wine with my flatmates; Munya, Daniel, Jenna and Mariah. It felt like a little family. I need roommates.

Today I got up at 6:30am and left on the tube at 7:30am to arrive at Heathrow at 9am for my 11am flight. Another empty Bowing 757 flight from LHR to ORD. I didnt mind. I got to stretch out and sleep. However the flight was delayed arriving in Chicago, and I had flashback of missing my connecting flight coming back from Peru. I dashed through lines and made it through customs, in time to jump on my plane. My luggage, however, was not so lucky. Welcome home.

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