Monday, March 16, 2009

A Lovely Sunday

Ahh... lazy Sundays!  Sometimes its hard to be lazy as a tourist, especially when time is so short. So I've been battling the guilt to see every monument, building and historic site and instead enjoy myself by sleeping in and leisurely seeing sites. 

Sunday was an exciting day because I was able to meet up with two friends who I met last summer in Peru. Emma, the Project Manager of the site I volunteered at, from New York and Pauline a fellow volunteer from Paris. Pauline is studying film in London and Emma is working on setting up a non-profit volunteer group for disaster relief (European Disaster Volunteers: 

We met up at the Brick Lane market. This was by far my favorite part of London! Extremely artsy, with new designers and artists selling their work, as well as vintage shops gallore and street vendors selling second-hand clothes. The crowd was fairly young, and VERY fashionable. A bit intimidating, but great for a clandestine photo. This market was a lot different than Portobello Road, because here everything was unique, and often handmade. 

I did find that I have one thing on London in a big way: THRIFT STORES! In London they sell vintage clothes for exorbitant prices!  I'll keep my 50cent purses and dresses, thank you very much. 

Stopped by Pauline's flat, which is in a lovely location on Brick Rd. I swear if I could only live in a place like that... there would be no end to constant artistic inspiration! The three of us ended our evening together with a glass of white wine, and then a dinner of curry up the road.

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