Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Roadtrip adventure!

I had my first weekend off here at Drake since I moved here in the end of July!
It's not that I work weekends, it's just that I'm only allowed one travel weekend a month. So... I decided to head down to Kansas City and visit the International House of Prayer with my cousin Renata!

It was an amazing place to visit! They have something called "The Prayer Room" which is open 24hrs/day for people to pray and intercede for others. One of the first times I've been awed by God's presence in quite awhile.

Anyways... on my home, my car was just about to pass it's 200,000 mile birthday. Suddenly my lights starting going dim and the gauges were all freaking out! I pulled over on the side of I-35 and my car batter was completely dead! Need a new alternator. I was 65miles south of Des Moines... but thankfully I have great friends here already who were willing to come pick me up:) love you guys! I was out in the boonies, so I got to spend a good half hour with the county sheriff hearing some of his battle glory stories. The sheriff dropped me off at a nearby Casino until my friends picked me up and we listed to Enrique Inglesia's "Do you know" song all the way home!

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