Monday, September 8, 2008

Loving Life in Iowa!

Well someone recently told me (uuhumm Ginger!) that they still check this lovely blog. So I am updating it for you guys!

So I've been here in Des Moines for 5 weeks now, and I LOVE it! Seriously I wonder on a daily basis how I can get paid for doing something I like so much.

I never have a regular schedule here. When I get up I spend time in my office, (which is in front of my apartment) and meet with students and my RAs for weekly meetings. I help take care of paperwork, and plan programs and run around trying to get to know the 250 students in my hall!
For example this past Sunday I set up a three hour ultimate program and go to know a bunch of my residents through playing frisbee.

Outside my job I started going to a really sweet church in downtown Des Moines, called, uniquely enough "The Downtown Church." It's mostly young people 20s-30s. There are about 200-300 people on a weekly basis and we meet on Saturday nights in a building that used to be a bar!
Through the church I've started goign to a smaller bible study and made some great girl friends through that.

I'm also taking some classes here at Drake... I take Spanish during the week to keep up on the language skills for next summer and the future. Then I am also taking 4 grad credits in a program called Adult Learning and Organizational Performance, which ties in very nicely with my job. I get to learn things that I put to use right away.

So yeah life is good! I have been missing home lately though. I think it's because I've come to the realization that I can't just pop home for a weekend. I am planning on being back in Appleton the first weekend in October, so let me know if you want to hang out!


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