Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Next step in the journey- DES MOINES, IA

Okay... so for those of you who didn't know, my traveling didn't stop once I got back to the states. 2 weeks after I got back to Appleton, I packed up and moved to Des Moines, IA. Why on earth would you move there? (you might ask) Well... I am starting a new job here as a Hall Director at Drake University.

As a Hall Director I live in one of the student residence halls on campus, and oversee 230 students in my building. I take care of all the paperwork for the hall, maintenance requests, giving out info to students, handling emergency situations, training and supervising the RA staff and putting on hall programming. It's an exciting job with little down time and few hours sitting at a desk! woohooo! Plus I get to work with students for my full time job, which I will love!

Check out pictures of my hall director apartment... (copy and paste the link in your server)

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Diane said...

so in one of your posts, you said you dont have a cell phone anymore. Did you get a new one? How can I contact you?