Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Am I Dreaming?

I often ask myself, how am I getting paid to do something I like so much? It is an amazing experience when you find that striving to improve in your job, is simultaneously strengthening your character and the areas you wanted to work on anyways!

A little glimpse into my job... on a daily basis I meet with student leaders, help them problem solve and plan programs. I also deal with a lot of conflict resolution and conduct meetings with students. This sounds like it would be terrible, but it's actually a chance to find out why students do what they do?

Tonight I just got done with our campus wide RA meeting with the RAs from every hall. We brainstormed programming ideas for a quad program that would encompass all four First Year Halls. Some of the crazy ideas them came up with were: 1) Cafe/Open Mike night 2) Sticker Wars (try to put stickers on the opposing halls RAs, whoever has the least wins) 3) Hall Christmas Caroling 4)Sundaes on Sunday 5) Hall Wide Clue (go from hall to hall collecting clues)

On a personal note, my students voted me "Advisor of the Month" for August. It was quite flattering and humbling at the same time. Means I've started out well, but I have to finish strong! I was also just accepted into the Masters of Counseling program here at Drake. So I will start taking classes in that next semester.

Life is good! God is good!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you. If they'd have asked us at AAC, we'd have told them thaty they had a gem! Our course, they didn't ask and then just found out on their own. Fun to hear that you got into that counseling program. I'd love to compare notes was good to see you last weekend.