Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday I think?

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, Ive been very frusterated by the terrible computers here! (so pictures will be very slow in coming!)

Ive overcome my travelers illness...had the whole fever, diahrea thing that everyone gets here.
I did the brunt of that in Arequipa, when I started to get a bit better david and I headed to Cabanconde which is located near Colca Canyon. Colca is the second deepest canyone in the world. The first day we made a few scenic day hikes, then yesterday we did a full day hike down to the bottom of the canyon. The mountains surrounding the canyon are all very dry and rocky.
It is the winter season right now, so not much is green.

at the bottom of the canyon is an unexpected oasis, with green grass, palm trees and swimming pools. We relaxed there for a bit with a few friendly Brits. On the way up we opted to ride mules, instead of hours of terrible hiking in the hot sun. So, it was an enjoyable hike in the end instead of taxing (just what I needed).

Cabanaconde... what a cool little village. All the women there wear their traditional moutnain clothing which is hand embroidered and very colorful. It was such a dusty little town, everything is made out of stone and brick, men are riding their horses through town and herding sheep in the streets. Sunny by day, deadly cold by night (because its winter). Stayed in a hostel for $3 a night.

Tonight, all night bus ride to volunteer for 4 days then I have to take another 24hrs back to Cusco by bus. It will be a lot of bus this upcoming week. So think of me while youre sleeping in a fully lying down position in your bed!

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