Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My times in Pisco volunteering!

Wow! It´s been a week since I´ve last written on my blog and so much has happened since then!
I´m not sure you guys like reading my book-length entries (let me know!) so I´ll try to keep this short.

I arrived in Pisco last Wednesday and stayed there through Saturday evening. Even in only 4 days it was amazing how much volunteer work I could do. You really just jump right in at Burners. The first two days I cleared rubble out of works sites for a school and a house. Imagine moving rocks by hand in a wheel barrow. Something that would take a machine 10minutes, takes 10volunteers two days. On day three I got to cheer on some local children in a soccer tournament, and our very own burners team. In the afternoon I met the family who David is raising money to build a house for. It is unbelievable the living conditions they are in. 2 adults and 4 children in a tent smaller than the average living room. No running water and no bathrooms! On Saturday I worked to help pour a concrete foundation for a bathroom that will serve about a hundred families in a refugee-like camp.

A little info about Burners... they are an NGO started by Americans. On any given day there are 40-55 volunteers from all over the world staying in the dorms in Pisco and volunteering at various work sites throughout the city. It was an AMAZING time. The work is hard, but the people are amazing and there is always something fun to do at night as well. Everynight they have Intercambios with local children, so they can practice their English. There are also dance classes going and everyone there has some random talent, like fire-dancing, and fire-breathing! Quite the experience. I hope to go back there after I leave Cusco.

I´m in Cusco now... quite the change from the busy schedule I have had! More about that later!

Id love to hear from you!

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