Saturday, June 7, 2008

Still sick!

Yes, I am still sick. But it is a typical sickness of travelers (I´m sure you can guess what that means) and at least I don´t have a terrible fever anymore. David had the exact same symptoms as I have a few weeks ago, so I´m not too worried.

I´m heading up to a higher altitude today (in Coca Canyon) so I´m hoping not to add alitude sickness to the list!

Let me know you you are!


Schmiss said...

I'm traveling as New Jersey! Right now I'm chillin in the Chicago O'Hare In'tl airport.
I'll be gone for about ten days.
I'm sad that you are sick buddy. I've been sick for about three weeks now but seem to be improving. I'm on antibiotics for the next eight days. Feel better and have too much fun on your adventure.
Love you

Mike said...

Hi Kaitlyn!
I hope your sickness is passing quickly. (No pun intended). It's crazy to hear about your adventures! It reminds me of my travels last summer, if not international (Canada never counts as international).
Thanks for posting your thoughts 'n stuff. It's kinda weird to keep in touch online, especially since I'm here in Appleton where you pretty much know my routine. Studying, working out, eating, time in the Word, fellowship and temporarily living the life of a stray dog. Take care friend.
in Jesus,

Diane said...

solidarity! I hope your insides win the battle!
So I put up new pictures (and a world map) at my desk today at work, so now I have beautiful pictures of you to stare at all day long when I dont have other work to do. (like right now). thats not creepy at all....its a good sort of 'stare'.

louvre you