Thursday, June 5, 2008

Out of the jungle and into the desert

So Peru has every type of landscape imaginable. After leaving the jungle town of La Merced, I headed south with David and Jonty to Huacachina which is a desert oasis 3 hrs south of Lima. It´s crazy, the dunes are so massive and completely surround this small jungle area smack in the middle of it. It was also my first time staying in a really touristy youth hostel. There were people there from all over the world, some that I met were from Israel, Poland and Norway. It´s common for people to travel alone down here and then just meet up with other travelers they encounter along the way! The youth hostel seemed more like a resort, there were hammocks and a nice swimming pool in the middle. I´ll upload pictures soon!

Now I´m even farther south in Arequipa which is a city located between several volcanoes and mountain ranges. The city is designed in a colonial spanish style and is really beautiful with cobble stoned streets! David and took a three hour tour of the city via taxi and saw some great views. I also got the chance to hold a Perigrin falcon on my arm! It was a VERY exciting moment for me (because as you know I love birds).

In other news, I´ve fallen a bit ill today, with fever like symptoms, so I hope I´m not getting the flu or a negative reaction to something!

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Deb said...

The last we heard you weren't feeling well. Not something a mom likes to hear. So, how are you?? We need an update.