Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i´m here in Peru! it was quite the journey! The first person I met in the airport was a girl from Minnesota who was traveling to Peru and has been living and teaching English in Cusco, which is where I will be for three weeks. What a blessing!
My intial flight from chicago to florida was delayed 2.5hrs and we were initially told we would miss our connecting flight to Peru. Thank goodness that didn´t happen... so we were finally allowed to leave the airport. After taking off the guy in the seat right next to me puked EVERYWHERE... at least a garbage bag full of puke! Apparently Spirit airlines are the lowest of budget airlines because I had to do more than the flight attendants did to clean up the puke. I was told they didn´t have any disinfectant spray or towels, only very small hand wipes for cleaning up the mess!

On my flight to Peru I met and talked with a business man named Oscar from Lima. It was a good first step for me in dusting off my age-old Spanish skills. He was patient with my many mistakes and we were about the same level of language proficiency (he in English me in Spanish).

David and Jonty were there to meet me at the airport! Yah! now i´m at a hostel in Lima for a few days with the two of them doing some exploring. David is intent that I will be able to get around on my own in Peru, so he sent me out to buy water this morning on my own. I was successful! Actually it´s so easy to meet and talk with people here. Everyone is so friendly. I find that I am able to understand what people say to me in Spanish, if not able to respond perfectly. It is so amazing being here! I already feel that this is the environment I´m meant to live in!

I´d love to hear from you!


Erik said...

Glad to hear you safely made it! It is indeed nice when you feel at home in such a foreign land. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. Too bad Drake's not in Peru, eh?

Diane said...

yay! I am happy to hear the beginning of the adventure. Everyday will bring something new and I am happy to hear that you are looking forward to taking that on. congrats on buying water. yum. I pray that God will continue to lead you where you are to go and will protect you.

Deb said...

What a great flight!?
So, I was checking the time zone and it looks like you are in the same time zone as Wisconsin. Looks like the weather is similar to high 60s. Praying for your safety.

Kaitlyn Cooper said...

Hey all... thanks for responding on my blog. I´m still figuring out how this whole thing works!

Since I wrote on my blog earlier today much has happened! David, Jonty and I explored Lima all day... we went to La Plaza de Armas (which is what the town center is called in every town here), La Inglesia San Francisco and saw the catacombs there, then went on a bus ride up the tallest hill in Lima to an overlook of the entire city, visited a park of 13 fountains with laser shows and ended up in Miraflores for an outdoor photography exhibit and to eat some falafel.

Tomorrow David and I are heading 8 hours east to a small town called La Merced which is in the jungle. David and Jonty have several friends there so it should be quite enjoyable. I think we will be there around 3 days. I´ll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

I'm never flying on Spirit Airlines!

Glad you made it there safe. Sounds like you're already having a great time.