Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Peru?

You may wonder why I am heading to Peru this summer? Well, I can't say that I had a clearly defined list of reasons when I first booked my ticket. I also cannot say that I had any real idea of what I would be doing when I first signed up for my 7 week adventure.

I have always wanted to live overseas. But at this point in my life I don't have a clear direction as to why I would be living overseas. So, instead of making that leap I chose the more conservative route of taking a full-time job that allows me to have my summers off. These summers off will be dedicated to traveling, learning about the world and perhaps getting more of a vision as to what the future may entail.

Having been to Asia last summer, South America was top of my list of places to see. However, beyond sight-seeing, going to Peru is in essence a "vision trip" for me. I found that I love working with international students from my time working in Baldwin Hall. I also found I enjoyed teaching English from my time in Japan. My time in Peru will be devoted to learning about a third-world setting and visiting and volunteering at different non-profit organizations. It is also important for me to reignite my interest in studying Spanish.

The Lord put a passion in my heart for traveling, serving and learning about other cultures. Someday I will be living overseas, perhaps I will find out more about that by seeing Peru! !

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