Monday, June 13, 2011

An Open Day Becomes a List

Last night I had a medium latte, which I believe has 2 shots of espresso. Well, those very shots are still coursing through the synapses of my brain and keeping me from sleep.  As my mind was racing crazily it thought through many ideas and impressed one upon me. Writing a novel.

I have already begun the first chapter and I'm quite excited. I will, perhaps, tell you more about the concept after I have let it percolate a little bit more. For now you'll have to wait in suspense. Thank you Erik for being a sort of "creative-muse" and helping me to even consider the idea of writing.

Now at exactly 5:19am I'm still jazzed with energy and I've finished eating a handful of strawberries and a piece of peanut buttered bread. Hopefully that will dull the effects of the delayed but swift strike of caffeine.

On to list writing. I have several ideas of things I would like to do to take advantage of my no-end-in-sight free days. I will list them here in the hopes of nameless accountability. Since I'm really not sure that anyone reads this, and in all reality I'm quite okay with that.

1. Writing the novel. The premise of the story line is just too good to pass up. It will of course be a young adult novel in the style of Elizabeth George Speare my absolute favorite. (Bronze Bow, The Sign of the Beaver, The Witch of Blackbird Pond).

2. Reupholstering 2 chairs. We have two mid-century arm chairs in our basement that are currently covered in a horrid pea green velvet. My mom and I are going to take on this adventure together. She, having taken an actual upholstery course, will be my tutor.  Then I will hopefully reap the rewards of the labor by having two new chairs for my imaginary new apartment.

3. Sewing. Now I hope that reupholstering two chairs will fulfill my sewing requirement? Otherwise I must put to use the lovely, generous graduation/birthday gifts I was given of a seamstress dressmaker's dummy and the beautiful stainless steel sewing scissors. I have a 1940s tie-necked blouse in mind.

4. Blog/website. This has been a goal for quite awhile. First of all I must register my domain name, which I hope hasn't been stolen by someone who doesn't even appreciate it's wittiness. I can't share the name here in case you might steal it.

5. Cello. I want to relearn to play the violin but first pick up the cello. I may literally only pick it up a few times. But I want to see how hard it is. The deeper, richer tones of cello draw me in more than the violin.

6. Finding a job. Haha! I guess I should add that too this list. But since I am in a delusional, half-sleep state I am only making a list of creative, romantic, the-world-is-all-about-indulging-my-whims things to do. Finding a job! Who needs one? Well, all of us who are not independently wealthy I guess.

I'm hoping I have convinced my brain that it wants sleep now. Maybe, brain? Maybe? If not I will stare at my ceiling a bit longer. What do you think of my list?

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keithly said...

That's quite a to-do list. I've shelved my plans for "writing the novel." Maybe when I'm older and wiser. I want to blog more, sort of, but I think part of why I don't is because I don't like the design of my blog. I'm working on a redesign, but it will take me a while. In the meantime.... Hope you're doing better with all your free time. Sorry to hear about your grandfather's situation.