Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recyle and Re-wear

Here is my most recent project! I created this shirt dress out of an old, men's flannel shirt that I picked up at the thrift store. The ruffles around the neck were created from the excess fabric I cut off from the sides. So, if you want to make one yourself, make sure you get a men's shirt at least two-sizes larger than what you normally wear in women's clothing.

Thanks to the beautiful model (ahhem! Renata) for making it look all the better :)


Andrea said...

How exactly did you make this!? I love it!

Kaitlyn Cooper said...

Hi Andrea,
I'm not very good at explaining things clearly about sewing since I am just learning myself. Would you like me to email you a drawing that I can make to show you how it's made?

Andrea said...

Hey Kaitlyn-

That would be awesome. I am just curious how you got the arms to fit and all that good stuff. I would love to make one for myself and my little sister. My email is Thank you so much.


Kaitlyn Cooper said...

Hey Andrea! I published pictures about how I made the dress in my newest blog post. Not sure they're very clear, so let me know if something doesn't make sense! How is life post- UWSP?