Monday, July 7, 2008

Celebrating in the Presence of Enemies

I have never celebrated the fourth of July WITH the British. We attempted to do so on Friday night but apparently they are still bitter.

Here in Pisco I am working with a volunteer group of around 50 people from different countries around the world ranging in age from 18-38. The US holds the record for most volunteers here, with the Brits coming in at second place.

Plans were made for a 4th of July celebration. We were almost successful in getting donations for fireworks from the aformentioned enemies until they realized the reason for the celebration. Our freedom... from them!

Anyways, so we had the 4th here in Peru complete with frieworks. Nothing out of the normal. I've never been so patriotic on the 4th, we sang the anthem, proud to be an american and many other songs. Midway through the celbration we were pelted with eggs. We looked up to find true Redcoats, firing ammo at us while playing their British national anthem. They were literally wearing red parkas!

Fortunately we were able to yet again defeat the British. Mostly by default because their bad aim caused them to only hit local Peruvians and their cars.

Oooooo, freedom is sweet.


Diane said...

Wow, I never knew! I guess it makes sense though. I leave for China in a day and a half! yikes!

Anonymous said... sounds like you're having a pretty incredible trip. your 4th of july experience sounds pretty interesting.

I traveled to a strange land known as Madison last week. Came back before the 4th, but I'm pretty sure Madison's celebrations would have been similar to Appleton's.

When you coming back to the US?

~ Kris (Starbucks Guy)

Kaitlyn Cooper said...

Hey Kris, I will be back on July 17th. I´ll be heading to Starbucks as a customer after that! What! Want to go with me?

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'd like to go with you to Starbucks! I'd really like to hear your travel stories in person. Its down pouring in appleton right now, but that didn't stop me from running across the parking lot in my flip-flops to get a venti pikes place roast.

I haven't gone out to facebook to check out your other pictures, but the ones you have on this blog are pretty cool!

Well, I need to get back to work.

Glad to hear your well and having a great time!


Mike said...

so could bring back a few llamas with you? i hear they're very efficient work animals. and with teh way that gas is going... i'd be interested to see how well they' hold up in wisconsin transit.