Monday, June 30, 2008

Last days in Cusco

Well, I´m ending my time in Cusco. I was happy to move on but now that I´m leaving it´s a bit sad. Even in two and half weeks in a place you get attached. I was starting to have my own group of friends here and feel more comfortable with Spanish.

I met a local friend here, Saul, who works in a small store near where I live. He is 24 also and studying tourism. Yesterday he accompanied Herly, John and I too some nearby ruins and got to practice being a tour guide for us!

Yesterday I also had to say goodbye to my host family here, which was sad. They said I will always have a home here with them in Cusco, so that is so nice! What amazing people.

Well, today I start the journey towards Manchu Picchu and then we´ll see it tomorrow. Looks like Wednesday night I´ll be taking the 16hr bus back to Pisco and then John and I will be traveling north.

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