Friday, May 30, 2008

La Selva de Peru

Ahora soy en la selva de Peru. Y tambien estoy practicando mi español!

On Thursday David and I boarded a bus for an 8 hour trip east to the high jungle of Peru. We were headed to La Merced (= God's mercy), which is a small village town where Jonty used to lived. It was an amazing bus ride through the mountains, with amazing panoramic views. My only concern was getting altitude sickness along the way, which is something I have encountered every other time I´ve been in the mountains. So before going I head some "colca tea" which is made from colca leaves (the same plant cocaine is made from). Now don't worry I'm not becoming a druggy, this tea is very common in Peru and very legal! I also took some other medicines and made it along the entire route without illness! Thank goodness the last part of the trip was made in the darkness so I couldnt see the huge drop offs on the winding road we were on.

It seems it festival time in La Merced because since Ive been here there has been a band playing literally the entire time. (Ive now been here a day and a half). The same people in the band playing the same song over and over and over! That has been the only downfall of this city. Besides that the scenery is gorgeous. We climbed to a high point to see the whole city which is situated along a stream in a valley surrounded by mountain peaks on every side. We also visited a botanical garden and tried cacao (which is what chocolate is made from) and I saw a tree where coffee beans grow!

Well, my time at the internet cafe is up! I will post more tomorrow with pictures!


John said...

Wow, it sure sounds like your having an amazing time. I can't wait until I can join the adventure. It was also great to hear that you didn't get sick. What an answer to prayer.

Mike said...

so i found this incredible deal on spirit airlines...

Herly said...

No te preocupes el lenguage va a fluir sinque te des cuenta. Solo unos dias y ya veras.
It sounds an adventure. I have never been in La Merced. About the Coca Tea (Like Coca Cola). I will drink some too when I travel to Cusco. I felt a kick the last time I arrived there. Don't worry Puno is even higuer than that!!!!. I usually get sick when I used to travel by car in high attitudes.
If you are enjoying the Jungle wait to see the Manu Reserve ( It is a protected park close to Cusco where you can see animals and vegetation in danger of extintion.
Are you traveling to Iquitos?

Mike said...

maybe i have to make a quick retraction. i thought it was funny to say that i got a flight, but it was so funny in my head in that half of a second that i didn't think i was actually making a statement without a lot of context. sorry coop! actually, it doesn't look good as far as latin adventures for me. i might actually be an instructional aide at john and lisa's school for hte month of June! interesting to see how the Lord fills the spaces in one's schedule. anyways, sorry about the miscommunication!