Monday, February 17, 2014

Be Mine, Valentine

I have an obsessive love for Valentine's Day.

Creating homemade cards, sending mail with actual postage, baking, and all of the candy and decorations that accompany Valentine's Day make it one of my top holidays. This can be traced back to my mom. When we were kids, each year we got to take a day off of school to spend creating Valentine's and artwork for everyone who was important to us. This was followed by "Secret Valentine's" where we drew each other's names and secretly did things for each other like making beds, leaving candy on pillows etc.

Now, my  passion for Valentine's Day has evolved to a more grown-up yearly brunch for my lovely friends. This year was no exception, except that I remembered to take pictures!

Even the simplest of things can make a special occasion, with the right presentation.

Sweet potatoe, goat cheese quiche... recipe here

Glazed doughnut waffle bites... a bit hit! Recipe

And the weeks leading up to the 14th look a lot like this...

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