Wednesday, July 18, 2012

At, In, On...? English Language is Fun!

Doing something a second time made me think I might know what to expect! But this year working as a Summer Hall Director for LCC University's Summer Language Institute has been completely different than 2 years ago! This year besides working as a Hall Director, I am also a teaching assistant in John Ohlson's morning English class, as well as co-leading and evening discussion group on "Relationships" and updating the SLI blog and making videos. Whew... 

The atmosphere is literally buzzing with frenetic energy. I'm always running around in a bit of a haze. Teaching English, and participating in a discussion group has allowed me to get know students a little better than I did a few years ago. It's fun to find out their stories of why they're learning English. Most of them are only 16 years old, so they're learning it because it's a school requirement. But the older adults are a little bit different. I've definitely learned I do not have a solid grasp on English grammar rules!

Outside of class, the Student Life Team has hosted 2 karaoke nights, movie nights, a barbeque, walks to the beach, and coffee shop, and an upcoming "Pancake Dance Party" on Friday night. Next week Wednesday is our big "Talent Show" which our staff promoted by creating a music video to "Nobody But You" which you can see below. I'm loving it here! And will be sad to leave in a week and a half. 

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