Monday, June 11, 2012

The Grand Adventure... summer 2012

This summer I am going on a whirlwind trip to 6 locations: San Diego, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway and Holland from June 8th- August 12th. 

During the month of July, I will once again be working at the Summer Language Institute at LCC International University in Lithuania. For the other 4+ weeks I will be traveling!

As I write this, I've already jumped in to the first step of the adventure: San Diego. I'm here to visit my one of my best friends from Iowa newly transplanted to Cali: Makiko Overbay. 

California is definitely an interesting cultural experience. I'm making a list of cultural differences here from the midwest:

  1. The colors of the scenery are beautiful here... very muted. Light yellow sand, soft greens, light blues. It's like everything was dusted with a soft white mist. 
  2. Everyone is in pretty good shape. Not as much obesity. It seems like men having 6 packs are the norm, and every surfer is good looking...hah :)
  3. There are  A LOT of marines here. No comment on that. 
  4. Wearing a one piece swimming suit will get you more attention than a 2 piece. 
  5. Dogs are free to go everywhere with you. Even, apparently, unattended in the grocery store. 
  6. Very little grass, or open green space. 
  7. Lots of people in a very small space. 
  8. People aren't super friendly. I don't know HOW you would meet people if you were new in this town. 
  9. People in the "North Country" above San Diego rarely go down in to the actual city of San Diego.
More thoughts to come...


Missy said...

#1: don't they call that white mist smog? :)

Kaitlyn Cooper said...

you're probably right Missy!