Sunday, June 5, 2011

Highly Educated and Unemployed

I paid my $2.58 for my internet access in the form of an  iced-passion-tea-lemonade from Starbucks. I'm already out of my element in two ways. First, I'm typing this entry on a PC and clearly not in the inner circle in this coffee shop (and likely city) of all Apple users. I do salute them, I will have one in a few weeks. Second, I'm at Starbucks. When I'm in a new city my first priority is generally finding a nice local coffee shop. I did try. I found one with great screen printed posters in the entry, but it closes at 8pm. I will go there tomorrow for my daily internet fix.

Hmmm... Madison. I know I'm in a pretty good neighborhood since Trader Joe's is less than 2 miles away. I've spotted some interesting places to set about exploring. There's a Macha Tea House (Maki come visit!). Of course I'm one block from the endless bike trail that winds from east to west. But since I don't yet have my bike, I will have to endure the glares from haughty bikers who suspect I hate the environment as I drive my car. I've also been thrown back in to a hot bed of politics. Nearly every other house has a "Impeach Walker" sign up, or if you are really committed you put those signs in your car window or wear them on your body. I must confess though that the sight of kayaks strapped to cars does warm my heart. There are lakes and forests less than a mile from my Nakoma neighborhood.

In an earlier entry I posted pictures of my grandparent's house (that's where I am). I love everything about it. Just yesterday I was whipping up an angel food cake with my grandmother's 60 year old handmixer. Bliss...
I also already met Roberta, the neighbor across the street. She and I are set to have wine sometime this week. What a lovely lady. She has her PhD in education and works as a school administrator, so I can't wait to pick her brain. She also has a fascinating house and garden. Apparently her house used to be the Madison zoo keeper's house before it was moved to it's current neighborhood. Her gardens are so amazing she should be featured in "Better Homes and Gardens." I will post pictures later.

Sue told me a few days ago that I am never still and always moving. "Fastforward" has been my speed for the last 3 years. So, being jobless, and homeless, is causing me to slow down a bit. So far I've slept a lot. But to fend off apathy, I will be getting back into job and life searching this very evening. Hence why I'm here.

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