Friday, January 21, 2011

How to make a man's flannel shirt into a women's shirt dress

After cutting along the dotted lines you should be
left with 4 pieces of crescent shaped fabric.
You will need to gather or bunch the edge of the cut out fabric pieces to create ruffles.

You will sew the gathered edge of the fabric pieces down
along the edge of the button line and collar. If you would
like you should sew two layers of ruffles on each side to use
the 4 cut out pieces and add more interest to the shirt.
You will create the collar into a "band collar" by folding it
in half either toward the outside or inside and sewing it down.

Things to consider when making the shirt-dress:
finished product!
  • It would be good to surge the outside edges of the ruffles to keep them from fraying after being washed. 
  • On one shirt I attempted to simply sew under the outside edges of the ruffles but it made the fabric too thick and the ruffles would not lie flat. 


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This is great! I love it! So easy to follow! I want to do this now. Thanks Kaitlyn! :)