Friday, June 27, 2008

thoughts on traveling

Thanks Missy for letting me know you like the blog! I´ll keep posting for you ,)
And at this moment, John is on his way to Peru! I´ll pick him up tomorrow at the airport.

I´m nearing the end of my time in Cusco. I just had my last Spanish class this morning. Amigos Spanish school has been great. Everything was a review, but the push to practice Spanish was so good. i feel i am capable of one day speaking Spanish with some fluency.

School was also a great way to meet other travelers... most of the time I hung out with Kelley (from Canada) and Lizzy (from England)- and it was reassuring to always have a group to go back to. Meeting other travelers is my favorite part of traveling, and I would venture to say THE reason that I travel. It´s great to get other´s perspectives and be inspired by their crazy stories.

I met one girl from England, who had done all sorts of crazy things, she had owned her own clothing store, but was now traveling around south america for nearly a year. She could also breath fire! Another woman, who is a teacher here at the school owned her own successful pottery shop in Australia, but decided she needed to travel, and maybe live abroad so she moved to Peru to teach Enligsh for a year!

I think after this trip, I will probably end up doing something crazy in the future like moving abroad. After talking to travelers, it doesn´t seem like the crazy risk I thought it would be.
Why wait to live your life until after you retire, when you can live it now?

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