Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday in Cusco

So yes quick note on some random things here...
1st, I´m sorry but I won´t be sending anyone postcards, because they cost nearly $3 each to send, far more expensive than the average souvenir here!

a note on food... I´ve been eating a lot of rice and bread. Also they have such an abundance of fresh fruit here that I get to have a glass of fresh juice every morning... literally just cut up the fruit throw it in the blender and drink it: Amazing!
Its weird for me because they leave all of their condiments, and cheese out on the counter and never refriderate them. so I go to the cupboard for the cheese and butter which is just left out!

The food overall is amazing though. You can go to an average restaurant and purchase the ¨menu ¨which is a set number of courses for about 5 soles, which is around $2. Usually you get a nice salad and then a soup and lastly a main course. Main courses usually entail rice, with some sort of meat and vegetables and of course potatoes! The other day I ate some really amazing trout too.

Well, I´m taking a short break before lunch here at my house, and then i´m off to explore a nearby market where i can buy movies for s/3.50 which is around $1.

Ciao, Cuidate!
Kata, Kaitlyn, Katalina, Kait (whichever you prefer)

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