Monday, June 2, 2008

Back in Lima

Yesterday I spent my last day in La Merced by visiting two local waterfalls. Apparently the area of La Merced used to have terrible guerilla warfare and terrorism in the ´80s but is now very safe. On our way back from the waterfalls we were on a dirt road in a small open air motorcycle/passenger thing (I´ll get a picture of it for you all). It was very dark and the vehicle had no lights, my friend Areceli was getting very nervous about being held up and robbed. Our driver said it had only happened a few times. Luckily we passed through with no incident but it was interesting to be with a local who was terrified of the area!

David and I made the 8 hr bus ride back to Lima today. Now we´re staying with his brother in Lima. Tomorro we head south to Arequipa.

A couple interesting notes on prices here in South America, spending 4 nights in a hotel in La Merced only cost about $33! Also, you can get a huge meal here for about $2-$3. Everyone takes cambies (like a taxi) and buses everywhere. The cost is cheap but depends on the length of the ride. You must decide a price before riding, because otherwise the driver will change it. It´s interesting how prices change here. There are no set prices on anything so what was 2 soles one day maybe 3 soles the next! And the price is inflated for foreigners.

Well, I´m hoping to upload some pictures- check the blog and facebook!



Mike said...

wow! cool. keep the pictures comin'. i kinda wish i was sharpening my spanish...
$2-3 per meal? any place called "galvano's" or something like? imagine the 1 egg at a place down there... still prayin' ya.

Mike said...

still prayin' FOR ya.

Kaitlyn Cooper said...

Thanks Mike! No, I havent found in Galvins, but that do have tons of ¨Chifas¨ here which are Chinese restaraunts. It´s not uncommon to find 4 on the same block!

You would never have a lack of food here, ever.

Kaitlyn Cooper said...

okay, apparently my English skills have gone completely downhill since trying to learn Spanish. In the above comment I meant "any" and "they" respectively.

Diane said...

yeah for inflated foreigner prices. Once when asking the price of a taxi in honduras (asking in spanish) the taxista told me 80 lempira for 2 people instead of the usual 30 for 2 locals. (thats like 4$ instead of $1.50) I was mad. thats a whole meal! haha.
I agree with mike...keep the pictures comin!
love ya~

Anonymous said...

pictures are cool. definitly sounds like there is no shortage of things to see and places to go!


PS. Went to starbucks today...not the same without you!

Kaitlyn Cooper said...

Hey Kris... how is starbucks? I miss working there in all reality! drink some coffee for me! i havent had much time to drink it down here yet!